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Register: development


Binary Array Linked Data Ontology

Core metadata

is a Register | Ontology | Container
category bald
changed on 30 Dec 2019 14:27:55.467
submitted bymarqH
accepted on 30 Dec 2019 14:20:27.592

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All properties of the register

category bald
description Binary Array Linked Data Ontology
has member relation member
label development
member shape | Resource | last value | contains | target reference shape | isPrefixedBy | Reference | target | first value | source reference shape | references | Container | isAliasedBy | Array
modified 1 Sep 2020 12:48:15.935
notation development
type Register | Ontology | Container
version info 7
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Array Array A multi-dimensional array of literals. Class experimental
Container Container A Resource which may contain other subjects. Class experimental
Reference Reference The definition of a reference from one Array to another. Class experimental
Resource Resource A resource being described by metadata. Class experimental
first value arrayFirstValue The first value in the data payload of a 1 dimensional array.... datatype property experimental
last value arrayLastValue The last value in the data payload of a 1 dimensional array. datatype property experimental
contains contains The containment of a Resource within a Container. object property experimental
isAliasedBy isAliasedBy This Container is aliased by this Resource, an alias graph. object property experimental
isPrefixedBy isPrefixedBy This Container has prefixes defined by this Resource, a list ... object property experimental
references references A link between an Array and a Reference. object property experimental
shape shape The shape of the Array. datatype property experimental
source reference shape sourceRefShape The shape of the source array in the array reference relation... datatype property experimental
target target The array a Reference targets. object property experimental
target reference shape targetRefShape The shape of the target array in the array reference relation... datatype property experimental