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Register: experimental


Developing and changing, unstable.

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is a Register | Ontology | Container
submitted bymarqh
accepted on 30 May 2016 07:56:52.426

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All properties of the register

description Developing and changing, unstable.
has member relation member
label experimental
member parentBroadcast | Container | Array | references | Subject | data | hasDataset | childBroadcast | Dataset | Reference | hasContainer | dataset
modified 30 May 2016 07:56:25.618
notation experimental
type Register | Ontology | Container
version info 16
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Name Notation Description Types Status
Array Array A multi-dimensional array of literals. Class experimental
Container Container A Subject which may contain other subjects Class experimental
Dataset Dataset A Subject which contains Data: an array of entities. Class experimental
Reference Reference The definition of a reference from one Dataset to another. Class experimental
Subject Subject A subject being described by metadata. Class experimental
childBroadcast childBroadcast The shape of the child array for broadcasting. object property experimental
data data The data array of a Dataset object property experimental
dataset dataset The link between a Reference and a Dataset. object property experimental
hasContainer hasContainer The containment of a Container within a Container. object property experimental
hasDataset hasDataset The containment of a Dataset within a Container object property experimental
parentBroadcast parentBroadcast The shape of the parent array for broadcasting. object property experimental
references references The link between a Dataset and a Reference. object property experimental